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Venezuelan Man (Anonymous)

2024 Cohort

Fellowship Type:

Applicant Led


Caracas, Venezuela

Fellowship Location:

Caracas, Venezuela

Due to security risks associated with the Venezuelan government's repression of civil society, Mountaintop is keeping the identity of this Fellow anonymous on all public documents.

What inspired you to join Mountaintop?

"Being part of a community of leaders with a vocation to serve their communities and countries with a global vision."

This Fellow, a local to Caracas, is an experienced journalist who has written on the topics of international relations, diplomacy, human rights, democracy, and sustainable development for major Venezuelan publications.

This Fellow has watched polarization destroy the social cohesion of his country and aims to contribute to the national reconciliation necessary to mend divides and build a stronger Venezuela through a career in media, policy, and public service. His passion for strengthening education and combating fake news led him to launch an initiative that has gained support from across the political spectrum. He is an accomplished political analyst on foreign affairs, and works to cultivate young leaders pursuing careers in diplomacy, international relations, and sustainable development. He has received several international awards, grants, and fellowships for his work.

This Fellow graduated summa cum laude with a degree at a university in Venezuela and will complete a Master's Degree in political science in 2024. He is a member of the board of directors of various local organizations. He has also been a delegate to several international summits.

For his fellowship, this Fellow plans to help youth build bridges across political differences and develop actionable policy solutions to influence the direction of the country. Long term, he plans to serve in the Venezuelan National Assembly and hopes to become a highly impactful public servant for his country, Latin America, and the world.

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